_DSC21261Competition Preparation.

We take on a maximum of 10 clients PER YEAR for competition prep. We do NOT do online prep. If you are not prepared to travel to train with us then please do not even make an enquiry.
We believe in a hands on approach, we leave no stone unturned, we leave you nowhere to hide. This is why we get results.

Each client is taken on merit and has a tailor made package to suit their needs and will be guided each step of the way. We will see you through your highs and lows, your victories and defeats, your tears and tantrums. We will push you, hold your hand, kick your arse but the glory will be all yours. You will be expected to use the Olympic Gym to train. You will be expected to enter a client/coach agreement. We get results because we monitor you every step of the way.

*Places for competition prep are STRICTLY limited and current clients who train with us in their off season get first refusal. Prices are upon application. To apply please use the contact page. 

Posing & Presentation
1 Hour – £35